Participation Promotion and Power (Users)

Small Changes in Your Behavior Can Result in Big Changes For Your Brand


Brand visibility. Brand awareness. Brand building.


With so many and so much competing for your audience’s attention, marketing may sometimes feel like an uphill climb. A few tweaks in perspective and a few new habits can change that.


A recent post by Demian Farnworth on CopyBlogger, 10 Ways to Beat Online Obscurity, notes that as of December 2010 there were over 152 million blogs in the U.S. alone. How do you get your voice heard in the midst of all that?


Here are a few tips:


Promote… Someone Else

Think about it for a minute. What’s more interesting to you? Listening to someone tell you how great they are? Or hearing about someone or something else they think is great and you should know about.



Social media sites are one of the best places to get the word out about something specific — like your next open house, an upcoming workshop, a new listing, etc.  


Dominate… LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the second most popular social networking site after Facebook. Demian “joined a few groups and went on a posting and commenting spree.” And became the number one influencer in groups other people had started.


The key thing to note about the above ideas is that for the most part they don’t require you to create content; they are habits you can form to share information you are most likely sharing in other ways already. Don’t you have a list of other professionals whose work you recommend? Don’t you spread the word about your open houses and listings? Do you share your opinion in industry-related discussions?


For more ideas, check out these sites:

CopyBlogger10 Ways to Beat Online Obscurity

Brass Tack Thinking — How to Raise Your Profile, Online and Off

Viva Visibility — Using Twitter Hash Tags to Boost Your Visibility and Credibility



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